Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mass Effect 2: "The Warlord Okeer" Mission Tips On The Insanity Difficulty Setting

Having trouble with The Warlord Okeer Mission (Mass Effect 2) on the Insanity difficulty setting? Here's some tips for the hardest parts of the mission. Remember to also read my general tips for the Insanity setting. And your squad should be Miranda and Zaeed. Oh, have Slam as your bonus power.

1. Charge of the Krogen. After you talk to the lost Krogen, you reach a way to get to the lab, you get confronted by some mercs. Take cover and take them out. When you get to the bottom of the path, Beserking Krogen start to attack. Don't get to close. Use Miranda's Warp and Zaeed's Inferno Grenade to remove the Krogen's armor. And fire your assault rifle and Slam your way to victory.

2. The Double Back Trick. As you continue in this structure, you will be attacked by Jedore's men. First, keep under cover. Keep your distance. For rocket launching baddies, use the sniper rifle. If you lose members of your squad, think about doubling back. If you get far enough back, dead teammates are revived. Just be careful, sometime enemies that you've killed also come back.

3. Jedore's Lab. As soon as you open the door, and Jedore sees you, the fight starts. Jedore will summon Krogen. Then a YMIR Mech will attack you.

First, you remember the surroundings? There's a trench in the middle of the room. On the plateau of the other trench is Jedore. She has shields, armor and health. So, quick kills are out of the question. Where you start out is opposite from her. There are also beams with Krogen tanks which you take cover from the Mech.

Don't go into the trench. The Mech will kill you within a few seconds. When it comes into range, get Miranda to overload its shields. Now watch out for the Krogen. Use Zaeed's Inferno Grenade to rip down the Krogen's armor. Now the Krogen has only health.

Now, Jedore can summon Krogen, I've read anywhere from four to ten. I never saw anything over five myself. But she can only summon one at a time. That's important. Slam works on a Krogen without armor. It doesn't kill it right away. But use this to your advantage. When a Krogen is slammed to the ground, it is immobile for a few seconds. Take your shots at the Mech. You have to fire and move quickly. Always know where the Krogen, and Mech are. This juggling of the Krogen is the key to victory. Eventually you get the mech down to its health. Slam works against a YMIR Mech without armor by freezing and damaging it. Miranda's Warp and Zaeed's Inferno Grenade also work against a Mech's health. Take down the Mech.

Okay, now run across the trench but do not take on Jedore at point blank range. There's a wall for cover across from her on the same plateau. Go there. Now use all your weapons, sniper rifle, assault rifle and heavy weapons on her. Of course, use your teammates also. Watch out for Krogen stragglers. Eventually, you kill her and that's the end of the combat for this mission. And you get Grunt as a teammate. (Pictured.)

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