Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cincinnati Reds 2011 Season Is Over

Yes, I am going to call the Cincinnati Reds season to be over. After taking two of three from the Atalanta Braves, the Reds have dropped two straight to the New York Mets. Tonight was just brutal. The Reds booted the ball for three errors, it could have been easily four errors. The Reds came back and went ahead 5-4 thanks to a two run homer by Joey Votto. But Reds starter Johnny Cueto gave up the lead and the score became 6-5. Then Reds reliever Nick Masset gave up two more runs. The Reds would lose 8-5.

Nothing is going right for this team. Today, they actually got decent starting pitching but were terrible in the field. Then the relief pitching went sour. Of course, hitting in the clutch has been bad all year. It was no different in this game with the exception for Joey Votto. This pattern of different things going bad has been going on all season. Cant' win a division this way.

With the loss, the Reds drop to five games out of first. Now, it's not impossible for the Reds to win the division but they have three teams to climb over. There's no proof that the Reds will turn this thing around. Shame. The Reds have as good as talent as any team in major league baseball. That includes the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. I hope I'm wrong about this prediction. But it will take somebody on the team to lead them out of this funk.

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