Sunday, February 22, 2015

Best Film of the Year for 2014

Usually, I try to write something witty or self deprecating about the Basement Blog Film of the Year award. But let's get onto the winner. It's the Oscars without commercials. The winner is: It's a tie! Tying for Best Film of the Year are The Imitation Game and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Imitation Game is the story of English scientist Alan Turning who worked with the British government to solve the Nazi code during World War II. To the world, very little was know about him or his efforts. But it's because of his work, that the Allies won the war. To break the code, he built a machine which was able to decipher the code. In essence, he built one of the first computers. Unfortunately in his later years, he was prosecuted for his homosexuality which may have led to his suicide. Still, the world owes a debt to him.

The Imitation Game works on many levels. It's an intellectual thriller without all the explosions. It's a fine drama of a quirky genius. The directing by Morten Tyldum is confident and doesn't detract from the movie. The acting is superb. Benedict Cumberbatch's performance as Turning is subtle, realistic, and heartbreaking. He portrays a man who's more comfortable with mathematical equations than people. Bravo to all involved. The grade is A Plus.

The second film, Guardians of the Galaxy, has grown on me. It's a movie that can stand multiple viewings and never get tired. It's hilarious, action packed and entertaining. And it has one of the greatest, joyful scenes in the history of cinema. It's when protagonist Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) dances and grooves to Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love" during the opening credits. Reminiscent of Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. I almost got up and started dancing with him. Enjoy the Redbone in the video below.

Science Fiction Film of the Year 2014

Director Christopher Nolan deserves all the accolades in the world for his filmmaking. He creates popular entertainment tentpoles that do not cater to the lowest common denominator. They're all smart and yet entertaining. This year's Basement Blog Science Fiction Film of the Year is Interstellar. While flawed, it's still a great movie.