Monday, December 14, 2015

The A.J. McCarron era starts

Wow, the usual Cincinnati Bengals' tragedy came early. Remember Quarterback Carson Palmer getting his knee shredded in the 2006 playoffs, Defensive tackle Tim Krumrie breaking his leg in the 1988 Super Bowl and fullback Stanley Wilson high on cocaine before that game? Now, star quarterback Andy Dalton broke his thumb yesterday on a tackle during an interception. To add insult to injury, the hated Pittsburgh Steelers thumped our men in orange and black, 33-20. Is the Bengals' season over?

Maybe not. Playing backup for Dalton is A.J. McCarron, the former Alabama quarterback and two time national champion. And already, he's cocky. He's already compared himself to the Patriots' Tom Brady.

"I guess Tom Brady was in the same situation when he had the opportunity, so I gotta make the most of it, do my job each week, know we have an unbelievable defense, don't turn the ball over and we have a chance to win. I promised the guys I'll work my tail off and be ready to go."

Yahoo's Ben Rohrbach writes McCarron is better off than Brady when he took over!

Let's face it. He's not Tom Brady. Well, he is a two time national champion quarterback. And before you say, I'm a fan and it's not possible for the Bengals to win the Super Bowl, need I remind you that Ohio State won the 2015 college national championship with a third string quarterback. McCarron has been in the national spotlight and will not wilt under pressure. So, Bengals nation, believe. Here are some scouting reports on McCarron. Let the A.J. to A.J. (Green) era begin.

Check out these videos on McCarron's weaknesses and strengths.

NFL interview and report.