Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stephen Colbert rips the news media

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert ripped the news media in "The Word" segment called Truthinews. You see he jabs at today's news media which caters not to the truth but to what the viewer wants to see. Here is his funny piece.

Stephen Colbert on the Klu Klux Klan's Death Ray

There's a news report that the Klu Klux KLan was building a death ray. The purpose was to nuke unsuspecting Muslims. Can't find much comedy in the hatred except for the idea of the Klan building a death ray. WTF? Here's Stephen Colbert's funny take.

Stephen Colbert nails Cong. Darrell Issa

Thank God for satirist Stephen Colbert who rips Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Ca.) for his much ado about nothing IRS scandal. You see Issa has been trying to link it to President Barack Obama except the targeting of political groups originated from Cincinnati. And I love his joke. "What happens in Cincinnati, nothing happens in Cincinnati."

Where in the World is Edward Snowden?

There's something comical about former NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden's ability to elude the United States government. I mean after all, he did a video interview for the press and told the world he was in Hong Kong. Well, when it comes to comedy and American bungling leave it to Stephen Colbert to make us laugh. Check out his funny piece below.

The Daily Show on credit rating agency corruption

Okay, remember the 2008 financial disaster? Well, part of the cause was that credit rating agencies gave glowing, positive ratings of shaky loan instruments. Now with the disclosure of emails from some of those agencies, we know why. They were paid off by the bankers. Thank God for The Daily Show. They cover this mess in a hilarious piece and show us why we should movie to Canada.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fundamentalist Christians feel persecuted by gays

Reporter Samantha Bee of The Daily Show goes over the idea by fundamentalist Christians that they are persecuted by gays. You heard that. More idiocy from the right-wing. And very funny stuff for the Daily Show.

Sarah Palin is back!

Wow. My muse is back. Former Republican presidential candidate and idiot, Sarah Palin has returned to Fox News. And she's on that hour of stupidity, Fox And Friends. I need the Daily Show to comment on this. Here's John Oliver with his funny piece.

This Is the End review

I was bored so I decided to see a movie yesterday. I noticed that the movie, "This is the End", got good reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes. Now, I've always said that comedy is subjective or if I haven't, I just said it. But after seeing This Is the End, I was wondering if the critics that gave the movie a good review where smoking the wacky weed. And if they were, did they bring enough for the rest of use who had to see this movie?

Playing themselves, Jay Baruchel comes to Los Angeles to visit Seth Rogan. They decide to go over to James Franco's mansion for a party. There is a lot of drug use and general debauchery going on. And if it's a Hollywood party,  one would expect stars. And they're there. Emma Watson. Michael Cera. Rihanna. Mindy Kaling. Jonah Hill. Craig Robinson. Hold on. Who the f#$k is Craig Robinson? But I digress. During the party, the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelations happens. You know the one in the Bible. The rest of the movie is about how Baruchel, Rogen, Franco, Hill and Robinson struggle to survive in Franco's mansion. And for good measure, Danny McBride crashes the Apocalypse.

First, let me say I applaud the stars for making fun of themselves in unflattering ways. There seems to be a screenplay by Rogen and Evan Goldberg but the movie feels improvised. The problem with movie is the premise. The Biblical Apocalypse ain't funny. Demons and Satan are pretty bad at comedy. Okay, the guys at South Park can make Satan funny. But that's because they give the big red guy funny stuff to do. No such luck here. We're left with a script if one exists, that relies on the conflicts between the actors. Plus there is some unfunny stuff that they try to make funny. Okay, give them credit for boldness but gross gags such as the guys kicking around a bloody, freshly decapitated head did not make me erupt in laughter.

This Is the End is a bold comedy that needs more jokes. I would like to see it again high. But watching it sober left me glum. The grade is C Plus.


Where's the outrage over Henry Cavill's shirtless scene in "Man of Steel?"

Last month, there was the outrage by the political correct police and the radical feminists over actress Alice Eve in her underwear for the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. One of the writers of the movie, Damon Lindelof (Lost) then rekindled the ridiculous controversy by apologizing for it. Yeah, thanks Damon. And again, Lost, season six sucked.

But in the new movie Man of Steel, actor Henry Cavill who plays Clark Kent aka Superman is seen completely shirtless. He displays a bodacious body. (above) And the scene is not needed for the movie. So it's completely gratuitous. Gee, I wonder who this scene is designed to appeal to? Well here's a hint. A female officer says this about Superman. "I just think he's kind of hot." Yep, it's there for the women and maybe gay men. :-)

But where is the outrage for the objectification of men? I have not heard any radical feminist or any member of the political correctness police express outrage over this scene. They whine about the objectification of women but when it comes to the other half of humanity, men don't count.   You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

MTV interview with Henry Cavill about the shirtless scene. No shame from Cavill about his body.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Right-wing yahoos meet in Washington, D.C.

At the recent Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C., the "intellectual" wing of the conservatives came to display their brain power. There was crazy, crazy Herman Cain. Texas Governor Rick Perry who can't tell the difference between Lebanon and Libya. Thank God he did not become President. That kind of mistake gets people killed. Of course, there was right-wing yahoo Sarah Palin. She demonstrated her tolerance by insulting Muslims. Here's Chris Matthews with a piece from Hardball.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Man of Steel 3D review

In 1978, a film version of the comic book superhero Superman was released. Its slogan was "You'll believe a man can fly." That movie deserved its motto. It was inspiring, and mythic. After some lesser sequels in Superman Three and Four came Superman Returns.(2006) Hardcore fans were disappointed in the last movie and studio Warner decided to reboot the superhero legend in the just released Man of Steel. The question becomes is the newest movie as good as the first one?

Man of Steel starts on the planet Krypton. Scientist Jor-El (Russel Crowe) is warning the ruling council of the impending destruction of the planet due to over mining of the core. Krypton is a truly alien world mixing advanced technology with Romanesque art. General Zod (Michael Shannon) rushes in and stages a coup. Jor-El decides to send his infant son, Kal-El by spaceship to earth with the Codex that contains the DNA.   Zod's coup fails but the planet is doomed. Zod and his cohorts are sentenced to a black hole.

Jor-El's son is found by farmers Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and his wife, Martha. (Diane Lane) They name him  Clark and raise him, showing him love and teaching morality. Eventually, Jonathan tells Clark of his extraterrestrial origins. As a man (Henry Cavill), Clark works odd jobs while trying to discover what his destiny is. He secretly completes superhero tasks. While investigating an ancient Krypton based ship, reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) discovers Clark and his true identity. Meanwhile, Zod escapes and comes to earth to demand the surrender of Kal-El. He also wants the Codex.

Russel Crowe is a better Jor-El than Marlon Brando was in the first Superman movie. That's because he's given more to do but more importantly, he believes in the existence of the character. Initially, Michael Shannon's villain, Zod, is one dimensional until we discover why he wants the Codex. Only, then is this villain fleshed out. Amy Adams as Lois Lane is more than just a love interest for Clark Kent aka Superman. She's the epitome of the serious journalist who is searching for the truth. However, there is no spark between Clark and Lois. She seems interested but Clark lacks passion. Henry Cavill certainly has the body for Superman. There's a shirtless scene that is sure to make women swoon. I'm sure women will say what one female military officer says, "I just think he's kind of hot." He's better off as the human Clark Kent than Superman who comes off as somewhat cold. There's nothing to make one like Clark. Perhaps, it's the absence of friends as photographer Jimmy Olsen is missing from this Superman tale.

Director Zack Snyder does a great job in setting up the action set pieces. Yes, there is fast cutting and jump cuts but he keeps the scenes in logical order. You know what is going on. It's all very exciting. You won't get bored watching this movie.

But Man of Steel is no Superman. Part of the problem is the screenplay by David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan. Leaping between Superman's childhood, his journeys and the present day sap the movie of much of its energy. Pa Kent telling Clark that maybe he should let a bunch of drowning kids die to hide his identity makes no sense in the creating the moral fabric of Superman. The should have just redid a scene from Superman where Kent tells Clark that he has greater purpose than playing sports. Yes, the Kents did the right thing by hiding his identity but the idea that the world would not understand him takes away from Superman's destiny. There is also a lack of the American mythic quality that the first one had. That's all because of the whole secret identity thing while doing heroic acts. There's no goose bump moments where Clark Kent as Superman saves lives before the big climax action pieces in the end.

The movie also suffers from Hans Zimmer's score. Look,  it's okay but is more like musical wallpaper. And you don't get enough of the main theme. The problem is John Williams score for Superman. His main theme or march for that movie describes Superman and is so iconic that you identify the character to the music. It's inspiring. And that original score had nice touches of Aaron Copland for that distinct American quality. After all, Superman is an American myth.

As for seeing this movie in 3D, see it in 2D. Man of Steel 3D is a  conversion from 2D. After a very good first twenty minutes in 3D, the movie goes flat. You will forget that 3D version of this movie is in 3D. Part of the problem is that it feels as if the director wasn't thinking in 3D. And 3D conversions cannot capture the angles, nooks and crannies of the real  world. The result is that at best the movie has a pop up book effect. But there is no depth or popping out in a picture. This 3D conversion is nothing more than a cash grab. Save your money. Nothing super about this movie's 3D.

Man of Steel is exciting but sullen. It's a joyless exercise in superhero storytelling. The grade is B.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lewis Black takes on new technology

Last night, Lewis Black did another piece in his series for The Daily Show, "Back in Black." This time it was about new technology. Featured today is Google Glass and XBOX One. Black does what I want to say to Microsoft after they made the requirement for the XBOX One users to log into the Internet every 24 hours. Check out his funny piece.

Bill Maher, "Reagan was the original tea partier aka tea bagger"

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill puts out this thought on the last New Rule. Former resident Reagan would fit in with today's Tea Party. I can agree with that. You see Ronald Reagan, who's a big hero to the right, thought socialized medicine was an attack on our freedoms, favored the rich in tax policies and many other things that sound like the tea partiers or tea baggers. Here's Bill Maher's funny and insightful piece courtesy of Mediaite and HBO.

Microsoft "Buy XBOX 360 if you have no Internet"

As I have wrote about yesterday, the new XBOX One will require gamers to check in via the Internet every 24 hours to continue to play video games. And if you have no Internet? Don't want to engage with other gamers over the Internet and play single player games? Have bad connections to the Internet? Tough. According to Micrrsoft, buy the soon to be obsolete XBOX 360 instead.

Really? It seems that Microsoft isn't interested in your choices on how you game. It's telling you how to game. Paul Tassi of Forbes calls their approach "arrogant." And screw the poor. Microsoft is telling you that if you can't afford the Internet then we're not for you. That''s why Sony's Playstation 4 will be the people's machine. It does not require you to connect to the Internet to play video games. Sure, if you don't connect you lose out on DLC, media connections and multiplayer. But you won't be ordered to check in every 24 hours either.

This all reminds me of the Apple Computer ad that had a "1984" theme to it. In it, we see the masses oppressed by a totalitarian state. Then out of nowhere, a healthy athletic, beautiful woman dressed in bright shorts and a Apple jersey, runs down the theater that is showing the dictator broadcasting his message. She hurls a hammer which destroys the screen. The bad guy in that ad was IBM. Now it's Microsoft. And the woman hurling the hammer? Sony.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is XBOX One dead on arrival?

Microsoft has launched the XBOX One with a series of blunders. And it looks like Sony's Playstation 4 is about to crush its game console competitor. In video game speak, Playstation 4 looks to "pwn" the XBOX One. And hero of the Halo series, Master Chief (pictured) , may not be able to save XBOX again like he did with the original XBOX.

The Huffington Post is already announcing a winner in the game console wars. They say it's the Playstation 4. And I can't say I disagree with them. Let me say first that I'm a XBOX 360 guy. After playing both the Playstation 2 and XBOX, I went to the XBOX 360 because of the Halo video game series. Yep, I had to conclude the story of Master Chief. Anyway, after hearing about the new XBOX One, I'm beginning to let go of my love for the Master Chief.  Here's why.

1. Price. At this point, the XBOX One will sell for $499. The Playstation 4 will sell for $399. I'm not made of money. And the added features like the Kinect? I don't use it. And I play with a bunch of hardcore gamers. They don't use it. What about it becoming an all in one entertainment system? Nice idea but gamers get their TV from multiple sources like cable and satellite. It would be better if they made the console, a PC like machine that could allow users to easily put a keyboard to it and allow them to use it as a PC. Regardless, these are hard economic times. This round goes to the Playstation 4.

2. No backwards XBOX 360 game compatibility. You've worked hard to get that "Rolled over" achievement for Grand Theft Auto 4. I mean you've driven your car to the airport and rolled it over and over again. Finally , you got it. Guess what that means for the XBOX One? Absolutely nothing. You see you will not be able to play XBOX 360 games on the XBOX One. The reason is that the two machines are two different types of computer architecture. Okay. But that means your classic XBOX 360 games are now obsolete. If you wanted to revisit Liberty City,  the adventures of Shepard in Mass Effect or the Master Chief in Halo 3,  you can't.

But Playstation 4 has the same problem. Yes. Except for one thing. You will be able to play Playstation 3 games on the cloud. (Internet) It might require more money but at least the classic games will be available. Round Two goes to Playstation 4.

3. You must connect to the Internet every 24 hours. In a WTF moment, Microsoft has announced that you must connect to the Internet every 24 hours to continue to play games. Okay, who's running things at Microsoft, Adolf Hitler? This is the most draconian and idiotic idea that a business has announced in a long time. I can't even remember anything close. What it means is that if you are a poor gamer and can't afford the Internet, you will be out of luck. If you're a busy gamer and forget to go online for over a day, too bad for you. You will have to jump through hoops to get back to gaming. If you like being dictated to, XBOX One is your machine. You might also like the future of Terminator. But I kid. That makes Playstation 4, the people's video game console. Round Three goes to Playstation 4. It sweeps the series.

The way of Betamax.

Listen up Microsoft. Nothing that you've announced at E3 is getting me motivated to save my money and buy the XBOX One. On the contrary, I am seriously considering the Playstation 4 as my video game console of choice. If Microsoft doesn't change its ways, the XBOX may go the way of the Betamax video tape.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

John Oliver of the Daily Show on the NSA wiretapping scandal

John Oliver, reporter of the Daily Show takes over for the Jon Stewart on a temporary basis. And his first story? Possibly the biggest intrusion on the privacy of every American, the NSA's wiretapping scandal. Check out his very funny piece below.

Stephen Colbert interviews Dan Savage

Gay rights activist Dan Savage was on the Colbert Report last night. And it's always a good interview as Dan gets Colbert's act and has fun with it. Savage also gave Rick Santorum his um, Google problem. Anyway, here's the interview with Savage as they cover his new book, "American Savage."

Stephen Colbert goes over Turkey

A lot of people watch The Daily Show and the Colbert Report for their news. And for good reason. They go over the news headlines accurately but with a dose of comedy. Yeah, there are some jokes thrown in, hence the fake news tag but smart viewers know the difference.

Yesterday, Stephen Colbert went over the civil unrest in Turkey. Timely, since today there's protests in the streets. Here's Stephen Colbert's funny piece.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Monster wheat escapes from Monsanto

Oh, oh. Monster wheat has escaped from Monsanto. Okay, it's genetically modified wheat. It can't die, well it has trouble dying. Great comic fodder for Stephen Colbert.

More underwear controversy at the movies

Oh great more underwear controversy at the movies. The radical feminists and the PC police have gotten their panties in a bunch over Alice Eve's undies shot in Star Trek Into Darkness. Now Stephen Colbert gets mad about Superman's lack of underwear in the upcoming Man of Steel. Here's his funny piece.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stephen Colbert wags his finger over the new "Lone Ranger" movie

Here's a new Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger segment covering, the new Lone Ranger movie, a deletion of subjects from Google glasses and printing 3D pizzas. Stephen Colbert is one funny guy.

Stephen Colbert on Michele Bachmann's resignation

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) recently announced that she is retiring from the House of Representatives. The right wing politician and Tea Party darling is a symbol for the radicalization of the Republican Party. She won the 2012 Republican Iowa caucuses. Stephen Colbert looks back at this crazy politician.

Where is the outrage over Sigourney Weaver's underwear?

If you read any comments on a Star Trek website, you'll find radical feminists and the PC (politically correctness) crowd with their panties in a bunch over the underwear scene involving actress Alice Eve in the recent release Star Trek Into Darkness. And thanks to co-screenplay writer Damon Lindelof who apologized for the scene, this ridiculous controversy won't end. Thanks Damon. And by the way, Season Six to Lost sucked. And you better answer the big questions left open in Prometheus. (2012) But I digress.

Star Trek Into Sigourney Weaver's Underwear.

All the radical anger over Alice Eve's underwear had me thinking of another famous underwear scene in a science fiction movie. It comes from Alien. (1979) At the end of the movie, heroine and lone survivor Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), strips down to her underwear to prepare for stasis. (Pictured.) There are scenes  which are  titillating featuring Ripley bending over displaying her butt crack, from the front where she is activating controls and another where she gets into a spacesuit pushing her lovely form into a spacesuit.

First, let me say that I'm a big fan of Alien.  I was an adult when the film came out. I had a picture of Ripley in her Nostromo (the ship from the movie) uniform hanging in my dorm room as an undergraduate. To me, Ripley is a strong, intelligent woman and she's also beautiful.

However, I don't recall the type of outrage that is polluting the Internet on  Alice Eve's underwear  over Sigourney Weaver's underwear shots.     Is it because Ripley is considered by feminists and radical feminists as a feminist hero? I thinks so. Bringing up Ripley's underwear would diminish her hero status.

But is Ripley's underwear totally gratuitous? No. Like the franchise Star Trek, one of the themes in Alien is human sexuality. The Nostromo's computer is called mother, which the crew can access in a womb like room. One scene cut from the movie has a semi-nude crew waking from stasis. (See I09 article with photos and images, "Unused storyboards show how Alien could have been more pornographic." No link, I got teenagers reading this site.) Artist H.R. Giger who did much of the alien designs is known for his use of sex in his artwork. And it shows. The astronauts climb into the alien ship through what can only be described as a vagina. The alien eggs look to be in an area that seems to be a womb. And I won't go over the phallic symbols since this is PG-13 website. So, Ripley's display of sexuality is well within the themes of Alien.

I think the radical feminists and the PC police's outrage over Alice Eve's underwear and not over Sigourney Weaver's underwear is typical for the hypocrisy they engage in. This crusade against naughty pictures only applies to pictures of women. They don't scream about male nudity in film. Where was the outrage over Magic Mike? (2012)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Colbert covers President Obama's recent remarks on drones

Leave to Stephen Colbert to make fun of something as serious as President Barack Obama's use of drones to assassinate people. (Authorization for the Use of Military Force) Here he goes over Obama's recent comments.

Colbert's Obama Scandal Booth

Again, here's Stephen Colbert's Obama Scandal Booth. This time he covers the IRS scandal. Funny stuff

Colbert's Scandal Booth

Stephen Colbert has created a President Obama Scandal Booth where giddy conservatives can grasp at a faux scandal and go nuts over it. First up. The Benghazi scandal. The scandal that conservatives think is worst than Watergate (President Nixon breaks laws to cover up a break-in) and Iran-Contra. (selling arms to Iran so President Ronald Reagan's administration could fund the Nicaraguan Contras which by the way was against the law) Here's his funny piece. Love the part where a poll shows that 39 percent of Republicans don't know here Benghazi is.