Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is XBOX One dead on arrival?

Microsoft has launched the XBOX One with a series of blunders. And it looks like Sony's Playstation 4 is about to crush its game console competitor. In video game speak, Playstation 4 looks to "pwn" the XBOX One. And hero of the Halo series, Master Chief (pictured) , may not be able to save XBOX again like he did with the original XBOX.

The Huffington Post is already announcing a winner in the game console wars. They say it's the Playstation 4. And I can't say I disagree with them. Let me say first that I'm a XBOX 360 guy. After playing both the Playstation 2 and XBOX, I went to the XBOX 360 because of the Halo video game series. Yep, I had to conclude the story of Master Chief. Anyway, after hearing about the new XBOX One, I'm beginning to let go of my love for the Master Chief.  Here's why.

1. Price. At this point, the XBOX One will sell for $499. The Playstation 4 will sell for $399. I'm not made of money. And the added features like the Kinect? I don't use it. And I play with a bunch of hardcore gamers. They don't use it. What about it becoming an all in one entertainment system? Nice idea but gamers get their TV from multiple sources like cable and satellite. It would be better if they made the console, a PC like machine that could allow users to easily put a keyboard to it and allow them to use it as a PC. Regardless, these are hard economic times. This round goes to the Playstation 4.

2. No backwards XBOX 360 game compatibility. You've worked hard to get that "Rolled over" achievement for Grand Theft Auto 4. I mean you've driven your car to the airport and rolled it over and over again. Finally , you got it. Guess what that means for the XBOX One? Absolutely nothing. You see you will not be able to play XBOX 360 games on the XBOX One. The reason is that the two machines are two different types of computer architecture. Okay. But that means your classic XBOX 360 games are now obsolete. If you wanted to revisit Liberty City,  the adventures of Shepard in Mass Effect or the Master Chief in Halo 3,  you can't.

But Playstation 4 has the same problem. Yes. Except for one thing. You will be able to play Playstation 3 games on the cloud. (Internet) It might require more money but at least the classic games will be available. Round Two goes to Playstation 4.

3. You must connect to the Internet every 24 hours. In a WTF moment, Microsoft has announced that you must connect to the Internet every 24 hours to continue to play games. Okay, who's running things at Microsoft, Adolf Hitler? This is the most draconian and idiotic idea that a business has announced in a long time. I can't even remember anything close. What it means is that if you are a poor gamer and can't afford the Internet, you will be out of luck. If you're a busy gamer and forget to go online for over a day, too bad for you. You will have to jump through hoops to get back to gaming. If you like being dictated to, XBOX One is your machine. You might also like the future of Terminator. But I kid. That makes Playstation 4, the people's video game console. Round Three goes to Playstation 4. It sweeps the series.

The way of Betamax.

Listen up Microsoft. Nothing that you've announced at E3 is getting me motivated to save my money and buy the XBOX One. On the contrary, I am seriously considering the Playstation 4 as my video game console of choice. If Microsoft doesn't change its ways, the XBOX may go the way of the Betamax video tape.

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