Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Cincinnati Reds At The All Star Break

After the Cincinnati Reds won last night's game, 8-4 over the Milwaukee Brewers, I was ready to write that was an important victory. It would have been a big win because the Brewers were ready to win it with Reds killer Rickie Weeks on third. But Bill Bray got the third out. And the Reds blew it open in the tenth to win it. I waited for today because if the Reds won, it would be easy to declare it as a big victory should the Reds win today.

Today, the Cincinnati Reds blew a one run lead in the ninth to lose to the Brewers, 4-3. Reds closer Francisco Cordero who has had a very good year, had no control and gave up two runs to lose the game. It was Cordero's third straight blown save. Let me say this. I've been following baseball for a long time and can't remember when something that has happened. I can now declare that Saturday's victory was not that big.

So now the Cincinnati Reds hit the All Star break at a poor 45-47. There are three teams ahead of them. They are Milwaukee, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Pittsburgh Pirates?! What grade do I give this team at the break? The grade is C. The Reds don't hit in the clutch. The starting pitching is getting better but is not consistent. The relief pitching has talent but is also inconsistent. See Francisco Cordero. All of that adds up to a .500 baseball team.

The season looks bleak. Yeah, the Reds are only four games out of first. But poor play is dooming the Reds. And now there's talk that last year's world champs, the San Francisco Giants, want to trade for Reds catcher Ramon Hernandez. The Reds have excellent catching prospect in Devin Mesoraco playing for AAA Louisville to replace him if that happens. But if that happens, then management has given up on the Reds for this season. On the hopeful side, I'll just quote Yogi Berra. It ain't over till it's over. You never know who will win the Central Division until it's over.

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