Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is the Cincinnati Reds 2011 Season Over?

Boy, I hate being right. After the Cincinnati Reds survived the St. Louis Cardinals eight run comeback to win 9-8, I refused to believe that the game was a turning point. I mused that Reds could easily lose two straight games. And tonight by losing to the Milwaukee Brewers, they did.

What a horrible loss tonight was. Why? Because of the blown leads by the Reds. They went up 4-0. Then the Brewers went ahead by one run, 5-4. The Reds then came back and went up by two at 7-5. In the ninth, Francisco Cordero blew the save, and the game by giving up three runs. The Reds are two games under five hudred. Ouch.

This Reds season has been always about something going wrong. Name it. Starting pitching. Relief pitching. Clutch hitting. Playoff bound teams don't lose like this. Is the season over?

Okay, I'm going to be a homer. There's too much talent for this team to fail. There's nearly three months of baseball left. The Reds will bounce back.

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