Monday, July 25, 2011

Cincinnati Reds Have Two Unlikely Heroes

Last night, the Cincinnati Reds battled the Atlanta Braves on national television in front of big crowd. Sounds like a recipe for another Reds loss. Well not today. Reds starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis gave the team six solid innings despite a fingernail problem in the third. What a find he has been. Dontrelle was one of the heroes of the 2003 World Series. He has replaced the trade bust of Edinson Volquez.

But the night belonged to one of the Reds players who has been struggling. Centerfielder Drew Stubbs has been striking out at a disturbing amount. He plays a great outfield but his hitting has been suspect. The book on him is to pitch him away. Well in the bottom of the ninth, Atlanta reliever Scott Linebrink threw him an outside fastball. Drew did not try to pull it. He went with it. A quick bat. And he put the ball in the right field bleachers. Ball game. Pictured above. Reds win 4-3. The victory gave the Reds the first back to back wins since June 13. More importantly it moved them to three games from first place Milwaukee Brewers. St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates. It's time to make a run, Reds. Here's the story with Stubbs walk off homer.

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