Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mass Effect 2: Insanity Setting Tips for Zaeed's Mission

Having trouble with Zaeed's mission, "The Price of Revenge" for Mass Effect 2 on the Insanity difficulty setting? Here's some quick tips. First, let me address this by saying that during the mission, you're given the choice to save factory workers or carry on with the revenge mission. Being a nice guy, I choose to save the factory workers. Since this is the second mission and an imported character, I will have enough Paragon to use a Charm option at a critical junction. However, during the mission, take the opportunity to choose all Paragon options.

First, follow my general tips. Here's the link. Okay, using my tips, you've fought your way to the room with the flame throwing mercs. Keep your distance from these guys and set up crossfire by placing your squad at different ends of the room. Now pick up the flamethrower. (M-451 Firestorm) Get any credits in the room and reload at the locker. Because the next room is the Boss fight.

1. The Refinery Core. This is the largest room in the refinery. As you enter, there are tanks to your left and to your right. They can offer you cover. But before you can do much, you're attacked from two doors to the left and right of your position. Now, on Normal, you just merely take cover and deal with the bad guys. Eventually Pyros or flame throwing mercs come out. Now on Insanity, there are more bad guys, they're faster and you get overwhelmed quickly.

Here's what to do on the Insanity difficulty setting. Take your squad and go down the stairs to your right and take cover behind the tanks. This sounds counter intuitive but the by doing so you've funneled the enemy to a killing area in front of you. Now you might say the enemy will simply go the route that you did to get to you. But get this, they don't. Stay under cover, use your powers and take out the infantry. Eventually, flaming tanks will move overhead. Destroy these especially if they are on top of bad guys.

Taking out the soldiers takes time. Eventually you will hear the heavy mechanical steps. This is the YMIR Mech who is coming from the farside of the room. Stay where you are and keep down. Use a sniper rifle to get at it. It also does not flank you. Use your heavy weapon, hopefully it's the missile launcher. Bring it down. No more enemies.

Go to side the side rooms and scavenge. Cross the bridge to far side of the room. Before you open the door, save your game.

2. Get Zaeed's Loyalty. Be careful here, because if you don't make the right decision, you will not get Zaeed's loyalty and his bonus power. Okay, Zaeed loses his chance to get revenge. A beam collapses on him. You are given a dialogue option. Okay, use the Charm option, the blueish-greenish choice on the left. That way you get the his loyalty but more importantly, you get his Inferno Grenade power. Now if you went the Renegade route and let the workers die, Mass Effect Wiki reports that you will get Zaeed's loyalty. Here's the link.

Now once you get a loyal Zaeed, you have a powerful soldier for your team. I consider him the second member for the default squad. He uses an assault rifle for more punch than a submachine gun and at greater range. Zaeed's concussive shot works against barriers. His Inferno Grenade does some damage against shields, but is effective against armor and its splash damage will injure enemies close by.

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