Sunday, July 31, 2011

Johnny Be Good, Johnny Cueto Shuts Out The Giants

After getting swept by the New York Mets in a four game series, the Cincinnati Reds swept the World Champion San Francisco Giants in three games. That happened when Reds starter Johnny Cueto (pictured) shut out the Giants in a complete game. The Reds pummeled the Giants, 9-0. Here's the story with video.

I wrote after the second loss to the New York Mets, that the Reds season was over. I also hope that I am wrong. There are two months left. The Reds remain six and one half games out. While the schedule favors the Reds with some mediocre teams, they have to leap over three teams to take the Central. Not impossible but it's going to be difficult. The Reds need help from the baseball gods. I'm reminded of the movie "Major League." (1989) In that movie the Cleveland Indians realize they must win the division since they're all going to be gone after the year. The Indians then go on a tear to force a win game playoff with New York Yankees. If you know the movie, the Indians defeat the Yankees in that game. Anyway there's this cool montage showing the Indians working and winning to get to that playoff. Let's hope the Reds have a run like that fictional Indians team. Here's the music to that montage.

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