Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Google's Insidious Plan?

This morning I lost YouTube. I mean YouTube videos were running till about three a.m. Then when I went back to YouTube, the videos would not play. The video screen was black. You could see all the other information on the YouTube site but as I said the picture screen was black. The videos went black on this Blog. I tried to upgrade to Adobe Flash. That didn't work. Then I tried Google's Chrome web browser. See I had been using Internet Explorer. Guess what happened? YouTube videos work and now my disappearing followers have reappeared.

Okay, I wonder if something is happening here. Google owns Blogger. They also own YouTube. I'm sure they want everybody on the planet to switch their browser to Chrome. You don't think they're trying funnel everybody to Chrome, do you? Google takes over the planet. Okay, Google don't cut me off. If your engineers can get Internet Explorer to work with Blogger and YouTube, then you wouldn't get bloggers like me mouthing off their opinions.

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