Monday, July 18, 2011

The Cincinnati Bengals Lead NFL In Arrests; Bengals Secret Scouting Tape

Within a span of eight days, the Cincinnati Bengals have had three arrests. Cornerback Adam Jones aka "Pacman" Jones was arrested on July 10 for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Remember this was the guy that was throwing money around a strip club. That led to a person getting shot and paralyzed. Safety Marvin White got arrested on July 14 for assault and disturbing the peace in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. And on Sunday, running back Cedric Benson, a guy in which the Chicago Bears gave up on since he got in trouble, was arrested for assault in Austin, Texas. Now folks, Benson is needed for any semblance of a running attack by the Bengals. He's a free agent but the Bengals are believed to be interested in resigning him.

Those arrests have made the Cincinnati Bengals leaders in the NFL. According to Cincinnati Enquirer Bengals reporter, they lead the league in arrests since 2000 with thirty five. Oy. I mean think of the more infamous players the Bengals have had. Peter Warrick. Justin Smith. Odell Thurman. Jason Shirley. Tank Johnson. And let's not forget the biggest losers, Stanley Wilson and Chris Henry. Of course, Chris Henry may have had an excuse due to concussions.

A fellow fan asked me if the Bengals would now stay away from Benson. I said, "Are you kidding. This team revels in bad behavior. It will take something like a murder for the Bengals not to be interested in a player. And now that Benson becomes inexpensive, cheap Bengals owner Mike Brown has probably already drafted the contract.

When I blogged on 1530 Homer's social network, I started a fake news service to mock the Bengals. Since this season is going to be a disaster, it's now time to bring back the Faux News aka Fake News and reporter Tung N. Cheek. Cheek's first scoop is this secret video showing where the Cincinnati Bengals get their players.

Exclusive secret video of where Bengals get their players reported by Tung N. Cheek.

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