Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Would Sell Derek Jeter's 3000th Hit Baseball

Last night on WLW 700's Sports Talk, host Lance McAlister was disturbed that many people would sell New York Yankee's Derek Jeter's 3000th hit baseball. As we know the lucky fan who got it, Christian Lopez, gave it to Jeter.

I say to Lance, it's not that easy of a decision. While Lopez made a noble choice, others would sell the baseball to the highest bidder. First, let's get the argument, "it's not your baseball because you didn't earn it, Jeter made the record" out of the way. One, no matter what would happen to the baseball, Jeter still will have the record. They can't take that away from him. Second, the rule on baseballs going into the stands is simple. If a baseball goes into the stands, the fan who gets it, is allowed to keep the ball. So, Lopez could do anything he wanted to with it.

Lance reported that the ball could net something in the six figure range. He mused it could fetch $200000. (Two hudred thousand) Look if you're rich, yeah you might give the ball to Jeter. But if you're poor with no prospects, you might sell the ball to make ends meet. Hopefully this doesn't disclose too much about my financial situation, I would sell the ball. I can't fault a poor person who needs the money and sells the baseball.

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