Friday, April 29, 2011

Who should the Cincinnati Bengals pick in the second round?

The second round will be tonight. And the Cincinnati Bengals will pick third behind the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills. I've previously identified five areas of need in order of importance. They are quarterback, offensive tackle, defensive line, wide receiver and cornerback.

ESPN's Mel Kiper has identified Da'Quan Bowers (DE-Clemson), Stepheen Paea (DT-Oregaon State) and QB Andy Dalton (TCU) as three of the best five players available. Bowers has slipped from sure first round pick due to concerns about an operation he had on his knee. The Patriots could use a defensive end and with the large amount of pickes they have, picking Bowers is a no brainer. The Bills could use a quarterback. But if they're smart, they won't overreach since their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is serviceable. He was also a former Bengal. I can't see Paea being better than current DT Geno Atkins. With luck, Andy Dalton could slip to the Bengals. This is a guy that the Bengals had been focusing on. With Carson Palmer likely retiring, the Bengals should pick Andy Dalton.

The key thing is for the Bengals not to panic. This quarterback class is nothing to get excited about. They all have strengths and weaknesses. The Bengals should draft best available player in areas of need. If Dalton is gone, Ryan Mallet (Arkansas) or Ricky Stanzi (Iowa) maybe available. Just remember, you're going to have to sign a caretaker quarterback anyway if you intend to compete this year. That's because I don't believe a rookie quarterback can lead the team to victories with the Bengals offensive line.

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