Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Best French Fries

Okay, now that Wendy's is advertising its new french fries as naturally cut with sea salt, it's time to compare the big three. In our war of the french fries, I going to compare Wendy's, McDonald's and Burger King.

A. Burger King- Burger King's fries are coated with a potato based starch. That's what BK's wikipage says. Regardless it causes the fry to have a stiff texture. It also overwhelms the taste of the potato. Because of that, it's my least favorite french fry.

B. Wendy's- Wendy's has introduced a new french fry, natural cut and flavored with sea salt. So does the new sea salt add anything to the french fry? No. It's a trendy thing to put sea salt on dishes. From what I've read it's not that much healthier. The fry is thicker than its competitors and the skin is still on. That's a good thing because the fry has a more potato taste than Burger King and McDonald's.

C. McDonald's- Ah, the classic shoe string golden fry from McDonald's. Does it have wheat and milk added to it? Health consequences? That's not the goal of this story, folks. I mean I could discuss the oil that cooks the fries but again in fairness, I would have to do that with Burger King and Wendy's. And as I said, the goal of this story is to announce the best tasting french fry.

But I digress. The McDonald's fry might have a batter but it doesn't overwhelm the potato. Golden and crisp. Salted by the employees. Potato taste still there. Delicious.

Conclusion- Starting with the worst to first, I found Burger King's fries to be overwhelmed by their "batter." Wendy's new french fry is an improvement. Love the skin left on. Sea salt is no big deal. But the classic french of the group is McDonald's. How can I describe it? The fry is perfectly cut thin. But the potato taste is still there. Salted just right. The best french fries belong to McDonald's.

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