Saturday, April 9, 2011

Teen Mom Bristol Palin Makes 262 K For Being Abstinence Advocate

Call this story, it only happens in America. Bristol Palin, Ssarah Palin's daughter, has made $262,000.00 for her work in advocating abstinence for the Candies Foundation. If you remember Bristol was made famous because she got pregnant as a teenager.

Do you see the problem here? First, she's getting all this dough from a non-profit foundation. Second, she's telling teens not to have sex. But she herself is a teen mother. Now I would get the point if she said having a kid as a teen set her back personally and financially. But I have never heard her say this. She might have said it was hard in her PSA with The Situation but the facts are she didn't suffer because of the pregnancy. So while she can claim that she's like a gang member going into schools talking about the evils of gangs, she doesn't have the detrimental experience of being a teen mom. And now with this payday, it's even more hypocritical. She doesn't get that pay just for being a daughter of Sarah Palin. She gets that money for getting pregnant as a teen also. Like I said, this insanity only happens in America.

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