Friday, April 29, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals Pick A.J. Green

I wanted the Cincinnati Bengals to pick defensive tackle Nick Fairley. (Auburn) Instead the Bengals picked Georgia Wide Receiver A.J. Green. With a high pick, the Bengals could have drafted the stud defensive tackle that could make the defensive line formidable. Defense wins championships.

But did the Bengals make another NFL draft day blunder? Well, to answer that question, remember the basic rule in NFL drafting. Pick the best player available in an area of need. Sure, the Bengals could use help on the defensive line. But there's also need at wide receiver. And from what I've read, A.J. Green was the best player available in an area of need. For example see's rankings. So the Bengals made the right choice by picking the best player available.

What about A.J. Green? Pro Football Weekly's Draft Guide says A.J. Green has "play making ability to step in as a No. 1 receiver the day he enters an NFL training camp." Pg. 36 He can make acrobatic catches. Runs good routes. And he will block for running backs. Check out what Fox Sports' Brian Billick has to say about him.

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