Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Those Crazy Birthers, Part Nine

It's time for the Republican Party to own up to the birther issue. Let crazy Orly Taitz and Donald Trump be your standard bearers. That's because an overwhelming number of Republicans believe or have doubts that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. In Arizona, Republicans have passed a bill that mandates a candidate for president must show the long form of his birth certificate. Take that Hawaii with your short form birth certificates. Take that Obaama. Sigh. Thankfully, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the bill. She is a Republican so maybe she's seeing the insanity of her party.

Now how do you get around the long form birth certificate? Show your circumcision or baptism certificate. What the ... ? How does that prove you were born in the United States? Sigh. Okay, here it is again for you Birthers, the FactCheck.org story debunking your crazy theories. Check out Rachel Maddow's story below.

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