Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals Draft, Rounds Two and Three

The Cincinnati Bengals picked TCU quarterback Andy Dalton in round Two. In round three, the Bengals picked Dontay Moch, a linebacker from Nevada. For a linebacker, Moch is very fast. (Video below.) According to Pro Football Weekly he runs a 4.39 forty yard dash. (PFW Draft Guide, pg. 96)

Andy Dalton is maybe the replacement for Carson Palmer. The Bengals did not overreach here. As reported, he was one of the best players available when the draft started again. Still, the Bengals should sign a caretaker quarterback. Dalton played in a spread offense at TCU and will need to learn what one has to do to play in the NFL. Alex Smith anyone?

Dontay Moch LB.

Andy Dalton QB.

Good analysis.

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