Sunday, April 10, 2011

Conservative Republicans Have Overreached

With the passage of Senate Bill Five here in Ohio which virtually destroys public unions, the conservative Republicans have overreached. If you are a Democrat, you already knew the Republicans hated unions. But I have never seen such far right radical legislation in my life. When I was growing up I looked up to the moderate Republicans such as Nelson Rockefeller and President Gerald Ford. Heck, George H.W. Bush was a moderate before he became President Ronald Reagan's vice president. But Reagan changed everything. The Republican party moved far right. And now they are so far right, it may be too late for them to save the party.

Why do I say conservative Republicans have overreached. Well, last night I was talking to a police sergeant. Now we both knew that cops tend to vote Republican because of the perception that conservatives are law and order. He told me with the passage of Senate Bill Five, his fellow police officers are now looking to bolt the party. That's how far the Republicans have overreached. Conservative cops may now vote Democratic. There are no more moderates in the Republican Party. The party is now dominated by far right wing conservatives led by the Tea Party.

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Anonymous said...

Well it's like this, the law enforcement community often favors the GOP in every aspect of public policy making when it comes to imposing tougher penalties on crime. Police intend to view the GOP as avid contributers to all law enforcement functions. Nowadays most police officers frown about the democrats, claiming that democratic leaders are often ineffective in deterring crime. Critics also maintain that the democrats are naive at punishing criminals, saying that the democrats and liberal courts tend to be too lenient in the legal system. For nearly four decades, these theories have been a vital aspect for why police officers adamantly endosrse republician leaders over the democrats. So, to best summarize the subject most would suggest that police officers are republician, while democrats on the other hand, are probably to some means are voted by some criminals or endorsed by any other known miscreants.