Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Republican Party, the New Fascists, Part Two

Previously I argued that the Republican Party are the new fascists. Donald Trump says the United States should take Iraq's oil. Wisconsin governor and Republicans tried to ignore the rule of law and the courts by implementing their union killing bill. Now here's more proof.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan and his Republican cronies have enacted a draconian law that would virtually strip all power away from elected officials and establish government by an "emergency" manager. Does that sound like a dictator? Well, if you got one person running a government and elected officials have no power, that is totalitarian.

So how does the law work? Let's take a look at Benton Harbor, Michigan. At a city commission meeting, the emergency manager declared all items passed void since the enactment of the emergency financial manager law. The emergency manager also said the commission had no power. This is not America, folks. But is there something more pernicious going on here? Rachel Maddow points out that those in power have their eyes on Benton Harbor land. (Story below.)

There was a time when the Republican party had moderates and fair minded individuals. President Dwight Eisennhower. Nelson Rockefeller. Presidnet Gearld Ford. Heck, Senator Barry Goldwater, the father of modern conservatives, took on the religious conservatives. Those days of reason are gone.

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BellaMary said...

I'm absolutely outraged that this is aloud to happen. How can people just stand by and watch this happen? Where are all the political advocates? Our Social Conscious? Where are they?

Thank you so much for posting this story, I will be sure to give your blog a tweet.