Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Does FBI Memo Prove U.S. Recovered UFOs?

A FBI memo has surfaced which seems to show that the United States government recovered UFOs in New Mexico. The memo was found in the FBI's online cache of files called "The Vault." The memo is dated March 22, 1950 and states that its subject mater is "Flying Saucers Information Concerning."

The memo was written by FBI agent Guy Hottel. In the memo, he discusses a report by an Air Force investigator who claimed that circular ships about fifty feet in diameter were recovered. Inside each ship were dead bodies of beings three feet in height. Here's the story with FBI link.

Nothing to See Here?

What do the skeptics say? It's about a hoax perpetrated by Silas Newton. It says nothing about Roswell. And in a TV story I say on the web, one skeptic says there's nothing interesting about the memo.

Let me answer some of the skeptics. First, this is an official government record. It might be hearsay and multiple leveled hearsay but it would likely come into evidence because it's a government record. Second, the memo does not talk about Silas Newton or Roswell. Who says there weren't more than one UFO crash in New Mexico. And the idea that it's not interesting is simply ludicrous. At a time that UFOs were becoming a hot topic, the memo discusses recovered vehicles. It wasn't discussing man made vehicle otherwise it would have said so. And why would the FBI be interested an Air Force vehicle anyway?

The Truth is Out There

So what does this memo really signify? Is it proof of the Roswell crash? No. There's nothing about Roswell in the memo except that the crafts were recovered in New Mexico. Is it real proof that aliens are visiting the planet? No. It's not a first person account and there's no corroborating proof of ET. But clearly the memo is talking about UFO phenomenon.

The memo does mean the following. The United States government was interested in UFOs. And I'm not talking about Project Blue Book. The FBI obviously thought something was there and it could pose a threat to the security of the United States. The next question is how much does the U.S. government know? If there is something like this memo in the FBI's files, are there even more fascinating documents? The Truth is out there.

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