Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What Democrats can learn from the Georgia 6th Congressional special election

Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossof in the special election for the Georgia's 6th congressional district. It looks like Handel won 52 % to 47 %. I know of one blonde, orange skin conservative Republican who is going to say it was a "great" victory for him and his policies. But what can liberals learn from this?

1. Look at the point spread. This district is solid Republican. Republican Tom Price won it last by a whopping 23 points. Huffington Post Something is going on in the country. Democrats now must focus in areas where the point spread is closer. Believe it or not, it's a good sign for Democrats.

2 And if you look at how well Hillary Clinton did, there are a lot of people who hate Trump. And if you look at today's South Carolina's 6th, the Democrats lost that one 51 to 47 percent. That was another huge Republican district.

3. Democrats must glue every Republican to Trump. Not that hard. There might be one or two Republicans in the whole country that do not support him.

4. Educate Bubba. Bubba was the fictional Bill Clinton voter. White, beer drinking male. Does Bubba know that conservative Republicans want to cut his Medicaid?

5. Field better candidates. Put a real fighter in there, someone who's all about ideas and not just getting elected. See Bernie Sanders. That being said, for the life of me, whey did the Democrats run a person who lived outside of the district? Here's my note to Jon Ossof and the Dems, dude if your'e going to run again, move into the district!

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