Thursday, June 1, 2017

The pronunciation and definition of covfefe

I've noticed that people are mispronouncing the new word created by President Trump. The word is "covfefe." Here's how you pronounce it.

"COVEFEEFEE" The word broken down into syllables. "cove-fee-fee."

Now what about the definition? Here is the meaning.

Covfefe. n. Bullsh*%t spoken by a serial liar.

Use of the word.

Donald Trump, "According to my healthcare plan, you will have great healthcare." Working poor man from Kentucky, " What a load of covfefe."

Donald Trump, "I was a big hit at the NATO conference." French President Emmanuel Macron, "What a load of covfefe."

Donald Trump, "My campaign had nothing to do with the Russians." Special counsel Robert Mueller, "What a load of covfefe."

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