Thursday, June 1, 2017

The definition of "covfefe"

Early Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted the word "covfefe." It's probably a typo and it seems that the White House is having some fun with it. At least it seems that way, as they refuse to say it was a typo. Politico report. Heck, even Hillary Clinton was having some fun with the word. After getting attacked by Lying Donald, she tweeted, "People in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe." Politico. I think she's got some of the meaning of the word right but not all of it, unless you can make a house of covfefe. .

Here's the definition of covfefe.

Covfefe. (cove-fee-fee) n. Bullsh*%t spoken by a serial liar.

Use of the word.

Donald Trump, "According to my healthcare plan, you will have great healthcare." Working poor man from Kentucky, " What a load of covfefe."

Donald Trump, "I was a big hit at the NATO conference." French President Emmanuel Macron, "What a load of covfefe."

Donald Trump, "My campaign had nothing to do with the Russians." Special counsel Robert Mueller, "What a load of covfefe."

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