Saturday, June 3, 2017

Defending Bill Maher

So I'm watching CNN today and see a story where an African American commentator was really upset with Bill Maher for using the phrase "house n...r" on Real Time. And what struck me was that nobody seems to understand the context. Bill Maher has since apologized.

First, let me say I'm a politically incorrect liberal. And the "N" word is despicable. It has racists roots and was designed to demean and dehumanize a whole race of people. Because of its racist overtones, I hate it when African Americans use it.

So, what was the context of the word? it's in the video below. Guest Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) nvites Bill Maher to visit Nebraska. He says, "We loved to have you work in the fields." Maher, "Work in the fields? Senator. I'm a house nig....r." Video below. It's a joke, folks.

Wow, it's like this. Maher responds to Sasse's comment about "working in the fields ..." with a slavery joke since he's talking about, you know working in the fields like slaves. Maher quips being a "house Ni...r" as a slave who doesn't work in the fields. He's trying to be self deprecating.

But here's what he didn't mean. Maher in no way was trying to demean or use the "n" word to put down African Americans. And if you know Maher, he is not a racist. He's a politically incorrect liberal. So back off you pc leftists and hateful conservatives. Maher made a bad joke that required you to think a little more to get it, which is why it's not a good joke. He in no way, used the "n" word as a racist attack.

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