Saturday, June 17, 2017

Is Microsoft making the same mistake with XBOX One X that it did with the original XBOX?

At this year's E3, Microsoft has rolled out its now console, the XBOX One X. That's a mouthful. The name also lacks imagination. Anyway, it will cost a whopping $499. So what does the consumer get for shelling out all that cash. Okay, you get 4k gaming. But how many 4k TVs are out there? It is also the most powerful console ever. Beta News.

Um... the term "most powerful console" should sound familiar. When Microsoft went after Sony's Playstaion 2 with the original XBOX, it featured a console that was more powerful. Sony pwned Microsoft. Why? Sony had a great library of video games. SOCOM, Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. And on and on. The PS 2 was also backward compatible with the original Playstation. Against that what did Microsoft have? Not much. But it did have Halo. If it weren't for Halo's Master Chief, I don't think XBOX would have survived. Later, Microsoft did strike gold with the XBOX 360. How? Games and online mastery.

Viewing the XBOX One X's video, I'm not excited. Microsoft seems to be making the same mistake it did with the original XBOX. Where's the emphasis on the games? Specifically, what will the games look like on this console. Yeah, the video below hints at some games. But it's not enough. I see glimpses of Mster Chief. Okay, how about some actual gameplay footage? Come on Microsoft. You'll have to show the world what this machine can do.

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