Monday, June 12, 2017

The possible crimes of the Trump Campaign

I love Alan Dershowitz but he's been running around and defending President Donald Trump. Basically he's been saying Trump committed no crime. Look, I could agree if there is no evidence to prove he meets any violation of any statute. But what Dershowitz fails to get is we don't have all the facts and if we look at all the smoke from the Trump campaign, there are definitely federal statutes that are applicable. Again, assuming there is evidence, the more I see of Dershowitz, the more I think he's trying to represent Trump.

But what are some of the crimes that special counsel Robert Mueller can look at? Well, thanks to the conservative The Daily Signal, here's an article that lists them. While the article implies that it will be difficult to prove the violations, there are laws that cover any of the evidence if it exists. We're talking about everything from The Logan Act to Campaign finance laws.

Rebutting Dershowitz, is former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman. Here's a video he did with Chris Hayes of MSNBC where he argues that Trump has already committed the crime of obstruction of justice. He also wrote an article for the New York Daily News.

Ari Melber of MSNBC also had a panel of lawyers listing the offenses that the Trump Campaign could be charged with.

So, Alan. I hate to say this. Shut up. You don't know the evidence. In fact when asked whether he thought Trump colluded with the Russians, former FBI Director Comey would not answer in a public hearing. None of us know the evidence. I can say there is smoke in our house. Whether that's a burnt roast or a fire in the basement is the question.

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