Saturday, June 10, 2017

Senate Republicans are moving against the working people and the poor

While the Trump-Russia scandal burns up the country, Senate Republicans are about to gut Obamacare. And if you are a working man or poor, these conservative Republicans are going after Medicare. Even "moderate" Republicans who seemed to want to support Medicare expansion look to gutting it in what is termed a seven year phase out. I'm talking about West Virginia Senator Shelley Capito and Ohio Senator Rob Portman. That goes to show you that there are no moderates in the Republican Party. Huffington Post

And check out this video of Senator Clare McCaskill (D-Mo) chew out conservative Republican Orin Hatch (Ut) for the lack of any hearings on the Republican health care plan. Yes, you heard that right. No hearings. No chance to amend the bill. No testimony.

Rise up working people. You may have voted conservative before. Maybe it was because you loved your guns and church. But you can't hug your guns and go to church if you are too sick and lack the strength. Call your right-wing senator and congressman. Tell them to fix Obanacare. Or better yet, support a single payer plan. Then at the next election vote for the liberal cause. RESIST.

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