Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Reality Winner is a patriot

Lost in the upcoming Comey testimony, is Reality Winner. She leaked top secret information To The Intercept. And while, that's illegal in my opinion, she's a patriot. You see, people who leak must make a moral decision. Break the law and leak information to the press so they can speak truth to power or stay silent while corruption grows.

But what was the information that I can see why she leaked it? The Intercept reports that Russian military executed a cyberattack on a U.S. voting software supplier and more than 100 election officials. This occurred before the November 2016 election. One can see Ms. Winner's motivation. President Trump has shown no effort to stop the Russians from interfering in our elections. And it can be argued that he is a Manchurian Candidate. So Ms. Winner must have thought she needed to warn the public. There is Russian infiltration in our democratic institutions. Could the Russians change voting tallies? If the truth is known, even conservative Republicans would do something. What she did is the epitome of patriotism.

Ms. Winner is under arrest. But I wish her the best.

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