Saturday, June 10, 2017

Comey vs. Trump

During Thursday's Senate hearing, former FBI Director James Comey called conservative Republican President Trump, a liar. Comey accuses Trump of trying to pressure him to  end the Flynn investigation. Trump denies he did. It looks like this thing is going to be a "he said, he said."

So who should you believe? The former FBI Director who exercises bad judgment but is a boy scout. Or a serial liar that we have as our current President? Just in case you think, I'm lying. let's go over some of Trump's lies.

Trump's lies.

1.  President Obama was not born in America.
2.  Thousands of New Jerseyans  were cheering and celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers during 9-11.
3.  Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) 's father was involved with Kennedy's assassin.
4.  Three to five million illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election.
5.  Obama  illegally wiretapped   Trump Tower.
6.  He had the largest electoral college win since Reagan.  (Check out NBC reporter Pete Alexander literally fact check him in the video below.)

Folks, slam dunk on who to believe.    Comey.

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