Monday, August 9, 2010

Walt Jocketty's Folly?, Part 2

Today Cincinnati Reds GM Walt Jocketty traded Chris Dickerson to the Milwaukee Brewers for Jim Edmonds. What?! Edmonds is forty years old. Dickerson is twenty seven. Yes, you weren't going to get much for Dickerson who constantly gets injured. And Edmonds is batting .286 with 217 ABs. But he's forty. Okay, he does give you veteran leadership for the outfield. Drew Stubbs has been stinking up the place except for Saturday's perfomance. Can he help Stubbs the way Scott Rolen's veteran presence? I believe he can. So when I wrote last year about Scott Rolen being Jocketty's Folly, I was wrong. Edmonds has been in the playoffs seven times. I'm going to rate this a good trade. Some guy was bored so he put together this photograph-video tribute to Edmonds and Rolen.

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