Friday, August 6, 2010

Stewart Blasts GOP Over Failure to Support 9/11 Responders

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show shows why Republicans suck because they refused to aid those public workers who were responders to the 9/11 and were exposed to toxins. According to Stewart, the Republicans refused to give up tax breaks for companies who wanted to operate off shore to pay for it! And then the Democrats were of course a bunch of pussies because they made it hard to overcome those right-wing yahoos by demanding a two thirds majority vote. Thank God for Cong. Anthony Weiner for his passionate support. Of course, Fox News' Dana Perino, you know, George W. Bush's press secretary didn't get it. She sure is pretty though.

Here's the video. Again, I'm sorry but Blogger has trouble embedding Daily Show Videos. So come back when you're done.

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