Friday, August 27, 2010

Bengals Bungle

Hey Cincinnati Bengals fans, here's the latest stupidity from Bengals. What? You're a new fan? You don't' remember the old Bungles? Okay, we had the worst coach in the NFL, Dave Shula. The worst draft pick ever because the Saints offered their entire draft selections in 1999. The Bengals refused. Who did we pick? Akili Smith. Terrible. Now for today's really stupid idea from the Bengals. Buy season tickets and get a box of popcorn. That's correct. Here's the language.

"Season Ticket prices are now prorated to reflect the eight remaining home games and prices start as low as $480. Plus, for a limited time only, if you purchase new Season Tickets, you will receive a voucher for a free box of popcorn to be redeemed at any home game this fall at Paul Brown Stadium to help you take in the show!"

Yes, I get it. It goes along with what T.O. said about the show. Bring popcorn. It's not funny. Why would I buy season tickets for one freaking box of popcorn.

Want more Bengals stupidity? Signing WR Antonio Bryant. This was a 28 million dollar, 4 year contract with 6.7 million guaranteed as a signing bonus. Now he's hurt with knee problems. Bengals Nation that's maybe why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't resign him. He was coming off injury last year. The Bengals could have traded for Brandon Marshall. Who's the Bengals' doctor, Dr. Nick from the Simpsons?

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