Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Part of Greenland Melts

There was a time when I supported the Republican Party. That was when there were moderates but now all it has are right-wing yahoos. Case in point. Global warming or climate change. For example, the GOP opposes cap and trade legislation. Last winter, they laughed because of the snow storms. Idiots. Look, climate change isn't going to end winter and it may be causing more intense snow storms. Regardless, let's think about this summer. The United States is under intense heat waves. And so is Moscow which is suffering from a deadly heat wave. That's Moscow, Russia folks! Anyway, Keith Olbermann does a story about it with pictures of a portion of Greenland melting. And yes, he brings a scientist from NASA to interview and tell you global warming is happening. Pictures and a scientist, you right-wing yahoos. Check it out.

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