Sunday, August 15, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals Are Little Bitches, Part 5

Here's a story by Denver Post's Troy Renck about the biggest of the whining Little Bitches aka St. Louis Cardinals. That would be Chris Carpenter. Renck lists the belly aches.

1. Little Bitch Carpenter whines about the height of the visitor's warm-up mound at Coors Field, Denver.
2. He barks at Carlos Lee for showing disgust at making an out. Yes, the Little Bitch got mad because Lee was mad at himself for making an out!
3. Lectures his own guy Brendan Ryan about having the wrong glove.
4. Barked at Reds manager Dusty Baker during last week's melee that started the fight again.
5. Lectures Johnny Cueto about how to fight. Look Little Bitch, Cueto was pushed up against the wall. If he punched with his right hand, he could have hurt himself.

Brandon Phillips was right. They are Little Bitches.

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