Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Journey to the Center of the Earth DVD 3-D Side Stinks

I just watched Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008), the 3-D side of the DVD on a new HDTV. The 3-D DVD visuals stink, though the movie itself was good. If you saw this at the theaters in 3-D, you'll find the home experience to be terrible. At the theater, you saw it in Real D. That was fun. Unfortunately, it's not duplicated with the 3-D side of the DVD.

At home, the DVD 3-D side is presented in anaglyph. You're given paper glasses with green and red lenses. This is an old fashioned way of showing the movie in 3-D. And while I admit that I am not an expert of the differences between Real D and anaglyph 3-D, it's obvious that the film was made for Real D. It doesn't work at home in anaglyph. The visuals are out of focus with pictures at times having an echo effect. The pictures seem to lack any yellow or green tint. And parts of the picture are out of focus and have a purple tint. It's quite annoying. Update: I ran this on a Blu-Ray player and again on a HDTV. Because of the upconversion, it looked much better but still there was some echo visuals. And the purple tint still exists.

The solution? Watch the movie on the other side in 2-D. I hope once 3-D televisions go down in price that they will release an optimized version of this fun movie otherwise just watch the 2D version of it until then.

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