Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Things to Worry About Bengals Nation

Last night the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Dallas Cowboys, 16-7. It wasn't that close. It's only a preseason game. But problems from last year crept up. The offense was inept like they were towards the end of last season. And if Bengals QB Carson Palmer ever gets hurt, God save us. J. T. O'Sullivan looked terrible. I'm still worried about our pass blocking. They should have never drafted OT Andre Smith, who's so fat he can't get on the field. So what looked good? Converted LB Michael Johnson is a force. DT Geno Atkins showed his upside. WR Jordan Shipley almost returned a kick for a TD. The Bengals did score on a one yard pass from QB Jordan Palmer to TE Darius Hill. Just remember folks, it's only preseason. Hopefully, they'll iron this stuff out before the first regular season game.

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