Thursday, August 19, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals Are Little Bitches, Part 7

Remember last week when the St. Louis Cardinals also known as "The Little Bitches" came into Great American Ballpark and swept our beloved Cincinnati Reds? They moved ahead by one game, wiping out a Reds two game lead. The St. Louis fans and media were pounding their chests. Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips who called the Cardinals, "little bitches" was disgraced. He shouldn't have been since the Cardinals are little bitches.

What a difference a week makes. The Little Bitches have lost four in a row, while the Reds have won five in a row. Yesterday, "The Little Bitches" lost to the Milwaukee Brewers, 3-2. The Brewers beat Bitches ace, Adam Wainwright. And the mighty Reds defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 11-7. The Reds are now three games ahead of "The Little Bitches."

So, you say it's only beating the lowly Diamondbacks. Yeah, but the Diamondbacks had a four run lead in the eighth. This is major league baseball, folks. Bad teams with four run leads in the eighth usually win. The Reds scored four runs in the eighth and another four in the ninth. The highlight of the ninth was a perfect suicide squeeze by rookie outfielder Chris Heisey to bring home the grizzled forty year old veteran, Jim Edmonds. That broke the tie. And after the game, Fox Sports Arizona interviewed Edmonds. It's clear he's advising Jay Bruce who had four hits, including a home run. Here's the story with highlights. Like acquiring Scott Rolen last year, Jim Edmonds is providing veteran leadership. It's another coup for former general manager of the Cardinals and now Reds GM Walt Jocketty.

Here's my shout out to you Cardinals, and especially that Cardinal fan that I had a fight with last week. You're bunch of little bitches!

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