Monday, May 14, 2012

Votto is auto

Yesterday was a dreary day at Great American Ballpark. It had been raining all day. Three and a half hours later, the game started. As the game went on, it didn't look good. The Cincinnati Reds were about to get swept in a three game series at home by the Washington Nationals. Lose this game and the Reds slip below .500. Going for the Reds was the fact the Reds are great on getaway days. Also going for the Reds is that they have Joey Votto.

It's bottom of the ninth. Reds down 6-5. One out. Bases loaded. Up comes 2010 MVP Joey Votto. On a 2-2 count against the Nationals closer, Votto took a short swing and blasted a fastball over the centerfield fence. Walk-off home run. Walk-off grand slam. Did I forget something here? Yeah. The walk-ff home run was Votto's third of the day. Here video of the walk-off home run. By the way, Votto has beaten the Nationals before. Joey Votto is showing he's worth every cent of the ten year, two hundred twenty five million dollar contract.

Joey hails from Canada. Time to thank them again. Time to thank them for socialized medicine also. Hey, if national healthcare works in Canada maybe it will force the right-wing nuts to listen. But I digress. Thank you Canada for Joey Votto.

Here's the story of the game with video.

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