Thursday, May 24, 2012

Romney doesn't want to talk about Bain Capital

In a Time interview, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was given the opportunity to discuss his tenure at Bain Capital. Relevant because Romney keeps talking about his experience in the business to tell the American people that he knows how to fix the economy. Romney basically turned his answer to an attack on President Obama.

There's a reason why Romney doesn't want to discuss Bain. His former company is not about creating jobs. It's not a company that makes widgets. It's about making money for his investors. Bain is a corporate raider. They take over companies and use the assets of the company to finance the takeover. This is known as a leverage buyout.

Ed Schultz did an excellent piece on Bain and Romney yesterday. Listen to former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman talk about Romney and Bain. And for a satirical view, I've posted Steven Colbert's Super PAC ad attacking Romney's tenure at Bain.

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Steven Colbert's Super PAC ad attacking Romney's tenure at Bain Capital.

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