Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Diane Keaton cracks up Stephen Colbert

Charming and lovely actress Diane Keaton (Annie Hall) gave Stephen Colbert a hard time last night in an interview. A paperback version of Keaton's memoir "Then Again" is coming out, so you think they would talk about the book. But Keaton decided to torture Colbert. Probably the most rioutous interview in the history of the Colbert Report. Check it out.

Update: There's been talk about this interview and people are asking what was wrong with Diane Keaton. Nothing. In my opinion, Ms. Keaton decided to go goofy for laughs since Colbert always interviews his guest in character. Instead of being a straight man, she decided to have fun with Colbert. Look she knows something about comedy. This approach to the Colbert interview was refreshing and funny.

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