Monday, May 14, 2012

The truth behind Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney likes to talk about his tenure at Bain Capital to show that he knows how to create jobs. But look at the facts. Bain Capital was not about creating a company that makes products. It was a venture capital firm. They took over companies and sold them for profit. Sometimes that worked like Staples and sometimes it didn't. The liberal view is that Bain Capital took over companies and saddled them with debt. It then sold them off for profit.

The amazing thing is that a Super PAC, "Winning Our Future" supporting Republican Newt Gingrich took the liberal position. It produced a documentary called "When Mitt Romney Came to Town." I've embedded it below for you.

Now President Obama is also taking on the myth of Mitt. It is now running ads about Romney's tenure at Bain and what he did to companies in his targeting site. He's also set up a website for you to check out Romney's tenure at Bain.

And for satirical look, I've embedded Stephen Colbert's funny attack ad comparing Mitt Romney to a serial killer. You see Romney says corporations are people and since Romney killed a bunch of corporations, well, you get it. Narrated by John Lithgow who's played some serial killers in his time. Ha, ha, ha.

Gingrich Super PAC criticizes Romney's tenure at Bain Capital with documentary.

President Obma's ad attacking Romney's tenure at Bain Capital.

Stephen Colbert's attack ad against Mitt Ronmey's Bain Capital

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