Monday, May 28, 2012

"Star Wars" v. "Lord of the Rings"

The Huffington Post is running a fan survey asking the question "What's The Best Movie Franchise of All Time?" It's come down to two franchises. Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings. The choice is easy. The Best Movie Franchise of All Time is "The Lord of the Rings" franchise.

Star Wars (1977) started out strong with the first film, followed by the best of the series, "The Empire Strikes Back." (1980) Creator George Lucas got cute with the furry Ewoks in "The Return of the Jedi." (1983) The series hit bottom with "The Phantom Menace" (1999) and the introduction of the annoying Jar Jar Binks.

"The Lord of the Rings" movie franchise never suffered any drop of quality. The epic series started with "The Fellowship of the Ring." (2001) It was followed by "The Two Towers" (2002) which sustained the momentum. The climax was reached with the great "Return of the King." (2003) Return of the King netted eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture.

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