Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Republicans are bigots

Yeah, it's harsh to say that Republicans are bigots. But today they have shown it. There was a rejection of a gay Republican lawyer to become a state court judge. Previously, I've written that Republicans are racist. Here's the summary of that post:

1. Some Republicans have challenged President Obama's citizenship. Even though the state of Hawaii says he was born in there. And Obama produced his long form birth certificate. There are still yahoos who think Obama is not American. And have you seen the leadership of the party tell the nuts to back off? No.

2. Challenges by Trump on Obama 's college records. The point is that he received affirmative action to get into Harvard Law School Sigh. He was editor of the Harvard Law Review. Graduated Magnum Cum Laude. That's not affirmative action folks.

3. Placing Obama 's head on a chimp. Comparing Michelle Obama to a gorilla.

4. The Southern Strategy. Trying to get angry white male votes in the sixties and seventies with an appeal to their racist beliefs.

Now today. In Virgina, Republicans have rejected the appointment of a gay REPUBLICAN lawyer to become judge. Mind you, I'm not talking about gay marriage. I'm talking about the fitness of a person to be a judge. And according to Republicans being gay means you can't be fair as a jurist.

I left the Republican Party in 1980. The Republicans have turned far right back to their racist roots. My fellow Republicans, you might win within the next ten years. But frankly, after the next ten years, it's over. The only people willing to support the Republicans will be angry white males. Minorities, independents, liberals, women and moderates will no longer support you in the near future.

My plea. If you are an independent, liberal, woman, minority and moderate, do not vote Republican. They stand for the worst of our nature. Vote Democrat.

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