Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gayest game ever?

I'ms sure Mass Effect 3 causes conservative heads to explode. That's because the video game has gay relationships all over the place. I wonder if they think the game is some type of indoctrination for the young people. By the way, the concept of indoctrination is a plot point in the game as the Reapers try to to take over the minds of their targets. And before I forget, I'm cool with all the gayness in the game. But I wonder if Mass Effect 3 is the gayest game ever made. Anyway, let's go over some of the gay characters in the game.

1. You, aka Shepard. Okay, you don't have to be gay but you can if you want. And that includes male homosexuality or lesbianism.

2. Liara. Um, she can go both ways. She's an Asari. More on that later.

3. Lt. Steve Cortez. You find this it out early on in the game. He's distraught over the loss of his husband. That has to cause some Republicans to go cuckoo.

4. Specialist Samantha Traynor. She hints at being a lesbian when she talks about how she's attracted to EDI's voice. If you're a male Shepard, you're in for a surprise if you try to hit on her. Video below.

5. The Asari. Alien race. All female. All beautiful. All blue. They can mate with females or males. In case you want to know how they reproduce, here's a Mass Effect Wiki article.

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