Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bill Maher attacks Mormons and the Arts

On the recent Real Time with Bill Maher, with the last New Rule, Maher criticized charitable giving to the Mormon church and the arts. Maher's point is that they are not charities. Let me say this first. I know Mormons and they're great people. However, Maher does make a point. If the Mormon Church spends money on stopping gay marriage, that's not charity. That's politics. Yes, the Mormon Church does help the needy but not all of it is used for that purpose.

As for the arts, Maher is wrong. There's more to life than food and shelter. Culture is important for humanity. It's what separates us from animals. Culture shapes our ability to think and in the long run to make moral decisions. It's amazing that Maher continues to attack the arts since he is an artist. And he uses his art to influence others. Bill, I would argue what you say can be a necessity. Anyway, thanks to Mediaite and HBO for the clip below.

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