Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Keith Olbermann blasts Trump's political visit to flood ravaged Texas

if I can be like President Trump here, I blasted him for visiting flood ravaged Texas at this time. So consider me one of the first to do so. I mean It's still raining in record setting and biblical amounts!

Well today, he made his visit. And if you know Trump, all he did was act like a leader, said nothing of importance, and praised his administration's response. Mother Jones report. At one point, he said, "What a crowd, what a turnout." There are literally people drowning and all the conservative Trump can do is treat his visit like photo-op. And check out his cap and the First Ladie's caps. Yep. Trump's hat can be bought from his campaign website. (Huffington Post) First Lady's cap states "FLOTUS." Like we really need to be told that. I'm guessing that this cap will be on sale somewhere too. Hey, Trump how about doing a video telling people where to contribute money for Texas relief? How about getting or buying boats for rescues?

Thankfully, Keith Olbermann did a video on conservative Republican Trump's Texas visit. And if you want to live, vote liberal Democrat.

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