Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stephen Miller should have learned diversity from Star Trek

Back on August 2, White House adviser Stephen Miller defended conservative President Trump's new policy to select English speaking people for legal immigration. CNN's Jim Acosta challenged the policy by raising the poem on the Statue of Liberty about the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free" and arguing that the administration favors immigrants from Great Britain, Australia, i.e. white English speaking countries. Miller then stated that the poem was added later to the statue and implied that it doesn't mean anything as it relates the the monument. He then accused Acosta of having a cosmopolitan bias. Which means Acosta believes in a kind of America that is a melting pot of races and ideas. Politico article.

While researching whether Miller is a racist, I found he is a Star Trek fan. Vanity Fair. I would suggest Miller follow the ideas of Star Trek. Its creator, Gene Roddenberry,  intentionally made a crew of multiple races to push diversity. (Video below.) So it's right for Star Trek, it's right for America. We are a melting pot. And diversity is our strength. Just look at the Women's Olympic Gymnastics team of 1996 and 2016 which won team Gold Medals.

Gene Roddenberry interview ABC Good Morning America, 1986; at 30 seconds made diversity of the crew a priority

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